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Lulu Lin is a Houston-based art duo that works together throughout the entire process of creating a painting. They start by developing studies and sketches collaboratively and usually paint the final pieces in tandem, simultaneously working on different areas of the painting.

Lulu and Lin started collaborating after they graduated from Rice, where Lulu double majored in architecture and art, and Lin doubled in biochemistry and art. Their backgrounds in science and design has led them to look for inspiration in unexpected places and create artwork that lies at the intersection of several contrasting disciplines.

Lulu Lin has exhibited at Bisong Art Gallery, Lawndale Art Center (Big Show), and at the Watercolor Art Society. They were Hunting Art Prize finalists in 2015 and are co-owners of Houston Art Lessons.

Their current Fluid Dynamics series, inspired by concepts and scientific properties of liquids, looks at knowledge traditionally viewed as data through an artistic lens to create poetic and alluring paintings. Images include Currents 1 and Currents 2, which depict sea anemones as organic equivalent of flow diagrams, and Capillarity, based on the capillary action that allows trees to raise water up through their trunks. Lulu Lin humanizes these scientific concepts through the familiar yet subtly strange atmosphere of their paintings. The images are highly rendered with loosely defined stories that are open to interpretation - essentially giving viewers an opportunity to escape their world and step into one crafted by the artists.

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